Tesla Phone Model Pi- Elon Musk Finally Launches It

Tesla Phone

Elon Musk the owner of Tesla and other technology companies like SapceX remains in the limelight because of his achievements. Recently, he has been in the news because of a buzz that Tesla is going to launch a new phone. Although Tesla has gained massive popularity in the electric car market. Its first electric car was launched in 2008 and became the highest-selling car. However, the mobile phone market behavior is much saturated.

Tesla Phone will come with an OLED Display, the better will be expected to have 5000mah. While the fast charging option will remain there for the users.

The Reality Of The Tesla Phone

In 2023, the rumor caught fire that Elon Musk wanted to launch a new phone to compete with two Giants Apple and Samsung. There was a tweet from X owner claiming, I will bring a new phone into the market If it is required.  

Since then, rumors and speculations have been there about a new Pi model phone. However, launching a new phone is not that easy in the current circumstances. Since Apple and Samsung are having a huge number of users across the globe. 

A new brand requires billions of dollars of investment to enter into the market. Apart from enormous money, the brand will get a minimal profit due to market fragmentation.

Tesla Model Pi Specifications

Name Tesla PI
Launch DateEnd Of 2023 
Price$700-$1200 approx
Battery Capacity5000 Mah
Ram6/12 GB
Storage Capacity256/512 GB
CPUOcta Core

The above specifications are mentioned according to the resources.  However, you may experience slight differences in the price or specifications. There are also speculations about the screen size of this latest device. 

Users have started searching it over the internet, they are misled by the massive information availability. We have the updates for you to save your precious time.

Tesla Phone Screen Size 

The Tesla Phone is rumored to have a 6.7-inch OLED display. This is a large screen size, which is becoming increasingly common in smartphones. It is about the same size as the display on the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

A larger screen size can be beneficial for a number of reasons. It can provide more space for viewing content, such as videos and games. It can also be easier to type on a larger keyboard. Additionally, a larger screen can be more immersive, which can be helpful for gaming and watching movies.

However, there are also some drawbacks to a larger screen size. It can make the phone more difficult to hold and use with one hand. It can also make the phone more expensive to produce.

OLED Display

Overall, the Tesla Phone’s 6.7-inch OLED display is a large and high-quality screen that should offer a good viewing experience. It is a size that is popular with many smartphone users, and it should be well-suited for a variety of tasks.

Here are some additional details about the Tesla Phone’s display:

  • It is rumored to have a 120Hz refresh rate, which means that the image on the screen will update 120 times per second. This can provide a smoother and more fluid viewing experience.
  • It is also speculated to have a QHD+ resolution, which means users will experience a pixel density of 515ppi. This is a high resolution that will provide sharp and detailed images.
  • The display is also rumored to be protected by a Gorilla Glass Vectus+ cover glass, which is a durable glass that can resist scratches and cracks.

The Tesla Phone’s display is still not confirmed, so it is possible that the actual specifications may differ. However, the information that has been leaked so far suggests that it will be a high-quality display that should offer a good viewing experience.

Tesla Pi 5G Review

We are living in an era where smartphone has become a necessity. There was a time when a mobile was only used for calling purposes. Over time, it has evolved massively in terms of hardware and software. 

Now, days you can use your smartphone to connect with someone or a device where you have kept all your data. Even your smartphone helps you to operate the entire devices of your house. 

After Samsung and Apple, Tesla decided to break into the industry with its PI 5G phone. Here, we will review this device in detail.. Tesla’s device boasts an exquisite design complemented by an exceptional sound system.

Tesla Upcoming Phone

8-Inch Display

The screen features an 8-inch punch-hole display with a QHD resolution of 1284 x 2778 pixels, ensuring high-quality visuals. Powering the device is a substantial 7000 mAh battery, coupled with a 65W fast charger for quick recharging.

It offers a choice of 8GB or 12GB of RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking. Its display supports the playback of 3D videos with precision. On the camera front, a triple 50+50+50MP rear camera setup captures stunning images, while a 40MP front camera handles selfies and video calls.

Connectivity is robust, with support for both 5G and 4G networks, delivering excellent performance. The device also features an in-display ultra-fast fingerprint sensor for secure access. Amazing design and very Sweet sound system

  • 8″ punch hole QHD and 1284 x 2778 pixels high-resolution display
  • Triple 50+50+50MP rear camera and 40 MP front
  • 5G and 4G networks are supported with great performance
  • In-display ultra-fast fingerprint and waterproof protection
  • 7000 mAh large battery capacity
  • 65W fast charger
  • 8GB\12GB RAM,
  • 3D videos can play properly

How to Buy A Tesla Phone? 

So much hype about the Tesla Phone might have made you curious, right? You may wonder about buying this phone and searching for things over the Internet. You can buy this phone through both options including online and offline. Tesla PI phone will be available on Tesla’s website soon from where you can book an order.


The tech world is abuzz with excitement as Tesla makes its foray into the smartphone industry with the anticipated Tesla PI Phone. With a combination of cutting-edge features including an impressive display, advanced camera capabilities, robust connectivity, and a sleek design, 

Tesla’s entry into the smartphone market is poised to captivate users. As the launch date draws near, enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to experience Tesla’s innovation in the palm of their hands.


Is Tesla launching a phone?

Yes, Tesla is rumored to be launching a phone in 2023.

What are the Tesla PI phone specs?

The Tesla PI phone is rumored to have an 8-inch display, 7000mAh battery, 8GB/12GB RAM, triple rear cameras, 5G/4G support, and a 65W fast charger.

Where can I buy a Tesla Phone?

You can buy the Tesla PI phone online or offline, expected to be available on Tesla’s website.


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